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How do I tell him about my step-mom cheating?

I just found out my step-mother is cheating on my dad. He doesn't know yet and I just don't know how to tell him. My dad means more to me than anyone else in the whole world. I have thought about telling her I know and tell her either she tells him or I will. Only 3 people know about the affair and the other people are thinking they are. I just don't know what to say. Any suggestions?How do I tell him about my step-mom cheating?
Here's the best rule of life you will ever learn:


Have you ever heard the phrase, ';don't shoot (kill) the messenger';? Your father will be PISSED, and you'll be the first target - intentional or not.

Your father will eventually find out -- if he hasn't already -- and the middle of the fray is NOT someplace you will ever want to be.

When Dad does find out, just be supportive, no matter what is decided. That's the best thing you can do.How do I tell him about my step-mom cheating?
First of all are you have to be absolutely sure she is cheating on your dad. If you go to him with this news and it turns out not to be true you've lost your father's trust in you and given her reason to make your life miserable. I wish you would clarify what you meant when your wrote - only 3 people know about the affair and the other people are thinking they are. I would go to the step mother tell her what you know and that if she doesn't tell him that day you will tell him. Even that's risky if it turns out not to be just look like a trouble maker. If what you suspect is true I think your dad would be disappointed in you if you didn't tell him. Just be sure you are right and if it could come from some adult it would be so much easier all the way around. How about your Mom and what about the 3 other people you referred to.
I am sorry to hear about this situation. Nobody likes to be told they are being cheated on. You need to consider whether or not you want your dad to be angry with him the whole time. Maybe it would be better if you just anonymously took some pictures of them together and emailed them to him from a generic account. The messenger almost always gets the brunt of the anger and blame, which is ridiculous but true. I wish you the best in working this out.
this is tricky, well first of all, you can not tell him personally for any reason at all, because this can and will backfire on you. What if they work it out? they will blame you somehow for it, because this is how people work and think

But he needs to know, so what you can do is set him up or her for him to find out, without him knowing that you are behind it
tell her she has 1 week to tell your dad or you will! and if he doesn't do it, then tell him!! imagine how we'll feel if he finds out that you knew and never told him...and if she doesn't tell him, tell him right in front of her! like at dinner or watching tv...just say, blank is having an affair, and i'm not the only one who knows!!

he's your father, she's your step-mother, he comes first!!
If you go to your dad, you better have proof to back it up or you are going to have a huge mess on your hands. She may deny it all and make you look like a little liar. I would get all my ducks in a row before mentioning anything to either one. If you tell her first she may have time to clean up behind herself.
This is a tough one.

I'd say you have two options.

#1 - Tell him in private when you know she won't be around for a few hours.

#2 - Learn where she goes to have her affair, and have your dad go there and catch her in the act somehow......

Good luck.

It's really not your problem, but then it kind of is.

I guess I would tell what you know. Then help him catch her by looking at phone records and following her when she leaves the house to go see the other guy. And if others know I would ask them to be with you when you tell him if you feel that you need back up. If not I would tell him who also knows after you tell him.
I think you should tell her first, like you said either she tells him or you do. This information should really come from her. But do it soon and make sure she fesses up quickly. You wouldn't want your dad to be strung along and then find out you knew all that time.
Tell him but make sure you have proof and not just hearsay. If you don't have proof, find it first. Tell her you know if you don't have proof and see if she comes clean. If she doesn't you need proof or he may not believe you, we tend to defend those we love.
make him see it for him self.. or he wont believe you .. i mean he in love with her.. and he mite think your the one doing wrong here.. but i would tell him as soon as i could .. even if she in the room with you when you do it ..
Best to stay out of this one. She will get caught and your dad will handle it how he sees fit. I know you are hurt over this, but it is not something you should get involved in.
He needs to know. You won't be the bad guy for telling. Tell him before everyone else knows! That will save him some embarrassment.
Tell him what you know when you're along with him.
tell ur father. no need to drag him along in the relationship, and he'll be hurt more if u knew this for a long time and didn't tell him earlier.
Tell him in private
wow I guess I would tell him in private he needs to know

Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse?

Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse. I think my wife is cheating but don't know how to catch her in the act, what are tell tale signs e.t.c.. I also don't have time to look. I just want a mailing list of some sort which I can just have delivered to my phone, PDA etc to read whilst on bus.Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse?
Does it really matter if your wife is cheating Dave?

Especially as your girlfriend is complaining as you take too long to climax during your sex sessions??

If it is ok for you to cheat why shouldn't she?

In answer to your question though, if someone is cheating and taking pains to prevent you finding out then unless you are told by a third party or your wife confesses it can go on for many many months without you finding out. Been there, had all the ';of course I am not cheating on you baby'; crap yet the s!*@@er was still two months pregnant when he ';fell out of love with me';..... Cheats are not worth knowing - if you catch her out, assuming now that the ';girlfriend'; was the wife and you are not also a cheat, then show her the red card.

Good luck Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse?
You will make yourself unhappy when you catch your wife cheating. You may even end up having stroke or hypertension. It is better for you to ignore her and go your way until she overdo her cheating e-mails.

Most likely she has signed up one of the love sites, browsed several pictures of men and exchanging love e-mails as you have no time for her.

The only way for you to catch her - Tell her that there are many love sites and that which one does she love best. If you are lucky, she will tell you. You will now sign up at that love site and browse several ladies profiles. You may be lucky to find that of your wife.

Dave there are ways even if she deletes emails to still read them after they are apparently gone..

email me and i'll teach you what to do
you can search on yahoo dating- i'm sure i saw an article about it there once before. Good luck and

How far does it have to go to be cheating?

I mean if someone is in a relationship and they start something with someone else?

No judgements on why I am asking this question please, I am not cheating on anyone.How far does it have to go to be cheating?
I think it is an individual thing... For me, thoughts about other people (like kissing them, or imagining any physical or emotional connections) is already cheating and would make me reconsider the relationship (as I think this is where it only begins and it doesn't stop with ';only thinking';). However, while for some kissing may be cheating, for others it will have no meaning. Some think even having sex with someone else is not cheating, as long as you don't love them. I do not understand these people... Call me a romantic fool if you wish, but I believe in spiritual fidelity as well as physical. Both as important.

I think at the beginning of the relationship you should talk about that with your partner, so you don't waste your time and don't end up shocked when they go around sleeping with others and saying ';but honey, it did not mean anything to me, you know I love you';.How far does it have to go to be cheating?
only you can answer that

I think a couple together should establish what is cheating and

what is not

what i think is cheating maybe not the same as what you think.

so you should talk to your other half to get things right

I think if you are connecting with another you should

be honest and tell the other person you are not available

so the other person has things straight
if there is someone in a relationship and they start to see someone else it's already cheating , why because when you are in a relationship it's 100% not 50% if you get what I mean.
Sex is the only line i draw for cheating, kissing people can be harmless, but you kinda have to have the intention of pounding flesh curtains.
if you are thinking about someone else or thinking of cheating than you are. Speak to your significant other.
If they start something with someone else its cheating.
suppose if the person is questioning themselves about being a cheater, then they know for themselves
if you peek at their cards
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  • How can you tell if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating? What are the signs? Can you tell ur story if any?

    I am in a 3 year serious relationship w/ my bf he travels a lot for work, I been noticing a change in his behavior I want to know if ';cheating'; was the reason why he is different... Thanks for your feedbackHow can you tell if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating? What are the signs? Can you tell ur story if any?
    Well if he's traveling alot doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating on u. The relationship is old enough for you both to develop trust and mutual confidence in each other. Just trust him. Best of luck. Jaja Precious-Nigeria.

    Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse?

    Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse. I think my wife is cheating but don't know how to catch her in the act, what are tell tale signs e.t.c.. I also don't have time to look. I just want a mailing list of some sort which I can just have delivered to my phone, PDA etc to read whilst on bus.Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse?
    Talk to her first. If you are still suspicious you could install spy software on the PC. They'll send you e-mails about her activity. That might cause it's own problems though. If she found out you don't trust her you could have serious issues.Where can I sign up to information delivered by email about a cheating spouse?
    CHEATING is the most inappropriate, childish, immature term for having an affair. I still can't understand why people use it. It doesn't even accurately categorize the behavior you're talking about and is far too subjective: ';Is it cheating if.... what about if.... and what if...???';

    You suspect your wife is having an affair, right? She's your wife. Sit down together and calmly discuss it. If she is, it's a symptom of something else wrong in your marriage. Perhaps you don't pay enough attention to her or take advantage of her? Perhaps she needs something you're not giving her. (Typically the issue). If you suspicions are wrong, she'll tell you. Regardless, remain calm, LISTEN to her and work on solving the problem together. If it's a false alarm, she'll tell you or lie about it and likely, stop.

    Please, DON'T call a private detective or use any of the other lame ideas posted here. Have some faith in your marriage and your spouse unless you are just looking for an easy out to get divorced. Your call from here. Will you handle it like an adult?
    If you're this lazy about wanting to catch her cheating, you're probably equally remiss in your attentions to her... I wouldn't blame her for cheating.
    Nothing like this has been invented. If you think your wife is cheating on you, you need to confront her, not stalk her.
    I recommend hiring a private detective.
    Just take a day off and follow her. That is the only proof you will need.
    Why dont you just ask her?

    No seriously, just ask her.. She is your wife, right

    How do I confront a cheating husband. I know who he is cheating with?

    He's denied cheating, but I know who it is. I'm not sure if I want to end the marriage yet, but I can't go on like this.How do I confront a cheating husband. I know who he is cheating with?
    if you got busy yourself you could get off his back. once a cheater, always a cheater. if you can't take the heat get out of the the kitchen and find a chef that makes it your way.How do I confront a cheating husband. I know who he is cheating with?
    If you want to salvage the marriage, but your husband is in denial, see if you can get physical proof like a video tape and confront him with it.

    This might be one of the few instances where hiring a PI might be useful. Most of the time, a PI is biased toward selling you the worst truth possible, sometimes an outright lie, but if you KNOW the end result, then they'll just give you proof, which you can use to confront your husband and demand that he go to counseling.

    If confronted with proof, and if he refuses to go to counseling, then you are better off ending things.
    When a husband cheats on his wife he is no longer there and committed to you.

    He takes everything that was and anything that could of been and sticks it all in the garbage can.

    It stinks and nothing smells worse than someones nasty *** rot looking you straight in the face and lying.

    Ask yourself this .... What would I do if he admitted the truth to me that I already know?

    When someone is being dishonest to you they have no intent of making things better or right.

    They keep important information from you not to protect you but to protect themselves.

    Actually when someone is not giving you the truth it can become even more harmful to you than knowing it.

    They end up having to live with it and always have to watch and remember what they do and say with you and things are never real on their comfort zone.

    I would continue to confront him once again and make him accountable for his actions and behavior with marriage counseling if you are positively sure you do not want to end the marriage yet.

    If he refuses to recommit and do what it takes with you to salvage the relationship then he gives you no other choice but to walk out of his life.
    Before confronting him, at least make sure that he is in fact cheating. At least you are going to be more firm to whatever you are going to say to him. If he lie to you, he has no way of talking you out of it because you are 100% sure. And if you do confront him, you better think carefully of all the consequences that is going to take place after the confrontation. Because if nothing will happen after the confrontation, you will just give him the impression that he could walk out of it anytime coz nothing change. I would not suggest to separate with him neither stay with him because its your life. You should know better how much you value your relationship despite of the fact that you his cheating. Some spouse tries to give their partner another chance; some dont's. Its up to you. Good luck.
    Do some detective work and find out for sure.... take a day off, rent a car he can't recognize, and follow him.

    Then , hon, ya divorce the guy.

    Understand that only 20% of marriages with betrayal survive even 2 years, and that is with both in counseling, and both hoping to save it... Tho women do get over the eeewwww factor easier than when the wife cheats, it is still tooooo big a wad to swallow.

    Admit it's over, file, end it, never look back. There are sooooooooooo many nice men out there who, if you are a neat lady, would love to be your partner. But you can never find them with this albatross around your neck. And when the trust is gone, the rest of the marriage is over, and it becomes drama, drama, drama.

    Marriages are Respect,Admirationn, Passion and Trust... the four biggies, and when the Trust is gone because the Passion is getting shared, the other two are in the toilet too, aren't they.... flush it hon, find out what's going on, and bail.... once a cheater, really, always one.
    lol, seriously, why do women do this? You know he's cheating, you even know the person. But you don't want to end the marriage over it, you realize that if you don't end it, your telling him that it's ok to go out and cheat on you? Your just telling him to keep doing what he's doing.

    Your type of thinking is the exact reason men feel they can get away with cheating over and over again. If women would just kick the cheaters to the curb, then maybe these dumb guys would eventually get the idea in their head that cheating isn't worth it.
    Wow this is very hard situation to deal with. It's very hurtful, disrespectful, and I can only imagine the way you are feeling right now. My deepest apology is with you, because I know how hard this is. I have had plenty of experence dealing with this...SO PLEASE @least read my advice...IT WILL HELP...

    # 1---Never let on that you are suspicious of your spouse until you have gathered numerous pieces of evidence. If you rush in and confront them after finding one telephone number or text message, you run the risk of alerting them to your suspicions. Not only will they now stay on their toes, but they will make sure you never, ever have access to your source of information again (ie: cellphone, credit card bill, wallet, etc.) The goal is to behave normally and give them the impression that things are “business as usual”. It is when cheaters are in their comfort zone that they slip up and make crucial mistakes.

    # 2---Never let the cheater catch you snooping. It is always wise to have a reason for being where you found what you found prior to getting caught snooping. You need to have your story planned out and plausible in advance. Therefore, when you get caught digging through his briefcase, you can claim to be looking for the electric bill that was misplaced and might have gotten mixed up with his papers. Getting caught snooping without having a valid reason for being there is a red flag to the cheater. That’s why you should always have a $20 bill handy so that when you get caught snooping through her purse you can claim to be looking for smaller bills to pay the gardener, paper boy, kids coach, etc.

    #3---Never allow the cheater to turn the tables on you and attack you before they provide a valid explanation for their behavior. Once confronted with facts, they will try to pull a Jedi Mind Trick on you by calling you crazy, stupid, psycho, insecure, childish, petty, ridiculous, looking for trouble or trying to start something. All of this will occur before responding to your question about who they were having drinks with after work last Friday. Don’t let them twist the issue. Acknowledge that you are whatever they say you are and then demand that they give you an answer to your question. In other words say, “Yeah, I’m stupid and insecure. Fine. So who is she and how long have you two been screwing around?” Once you allow them to turn the tables, attack you, and then leave the confrontation, you will likely never get to the bottom of the story because he/she will have gained additional time to get their story straight.

    # 4---Never allow the cheater to make you explain their behavior. In other words, never get drawn in to the game where they expect you to explain why they would or are doing what you suspect them of doing. A typical cheater will say something like this, “Why would I resume a relationship with my ex when you know how important this family is to me?” or “Why would I have an affair with someone at work when I know your sister/cousin/ best friend/dog works there?” or even, “Why would I do that to you when you know how much I love you?” These are tricks to confuse the victim and make them rationalize why someone wouldn’t have an affair. For committed, unselfish, honest people these rationalizations make sense, but when a cheater is caught up in the throes of an affair, normal, rational thinking is replaced by whatever selfish behavior is necessary to accomplish their goals.

    # 5---Never be fooled by confrontation tears. Although they may be sincere, be sure to distinguish between “I’m sorry” tears and “I’m sorry I got caught” tears. Even though tears may be a good starting point for reconciliation, be mindful of who the real victim is here. Don’t run to console the hurt, devastated cheater. Leave them alone in their misery for a little while in order to ascertain what their true desire and motivation is for the emotional breakdown. It is not your place to comfort and reassure at this time. It is simply the time for answers and stating of objectives. Your feelings of anger, hurt, rage, disgust or confusion should in no way be minimized in order to deal with the cheaters outpouring of guilt, sorrow, shame, etc. For once, it should not be about them, but rather about you and you alone.

    # 6---Never reveal your source of information. Once you reveal that you obtained his email password, he will change it. Once you admit that you got information from her best friend, she will end that friendship and cut off your ability to obtain future information. And once he discovers you examined the cellphone bill, he will stop the statements from being sent to the house. If you decide to end your relationship, don't do the cheater any favors by letting them know how you obtained your information. Let them go through the rest of their lives thinking that you are a psychic genius. If you decide to reconcile your relationship, you would not want your mate to know how you caught them in case y
    Well, I can't see how the marriage can continue if he won't even admit that he is having an affair, but if I were you, I would simply tell him that you know, and is he ready to talk about it yet or not. If he continues to deny it or says he doesn't want to talk about it, then tell him that you are leaving him.
    If you're absolutely sure, you have to confront him. If you aren't sure you don't want to end the marriage, listen to what he has to say. Cheating is never okay. If he insists it was meaningless, then you might still have a shot at keeping your marriage. But if he's been having an affair, and not a one night stand, that's going to be a lot harder.

    Basically, I think you should confront him. He can't get away with something like that. It's just not okay.
    Well for starters, of course he's going to deny it. He's probably not going to admit the truth even if you show him hard evidence. Men can make up some pretty spectacular lies about what they've done. Your best bet, I think, is to reassure him that you have evidence that he cannot deny, and that you're not going to show it to him because you don't feel like having two hours of your life wasted while he babbles his denial.

    Have a friend or family member present if you can, in case things get ugly. When caught, cheating males will usually react with anger, and they will throw tantrums. Make sure your witness doesn't get involved, and is just there to serve as a witness.

    Don't look like a rundown house wife. Put on some makeup and some nice clothes. Brush your hair. Be confident - don't be all meek and timid. Don't show him that you're nervous!

    Above all, don't let him convince you that you're wrong. He will try as hard as he can. Don't give in to him. Just tell him, ';I KNOW that this happened. There is not one single thing you can do or say that can convince me otherwise.';

    good luck!
    Take it from someone who has been with a cheating ex husband, the pain and thinking about it all the time will eat away at you. Get out now cause if you don't you are going to feel bad about yourself before it is all said and done. I went through a year of wondering what did I do to make him do this. There was nothing that I did it was him not me. No matter what you do there is nothing that makes them do it they just do and while you still have your pride confront him with the proof and kick him to the curb! Good Luck to you!
    I have a very good friend who had a cheating husband. She didn't want to leave him for the kids sake at first and she stuck by him for 10 additional years. He was cheating on her the whole time. Finally, she couldn't do it anymore and divorced him. My friend's mother is going through the same thing. She caught her husband chaeting but stuck with him because he ';promised he wouldn't do it again';. We all heard that line before. She had the hard proof and everything but she's too afraid that if she divorced him, she'd be in the poor house. She still miserable with him to this day and is in a terrible dysfunctional family. You need to do what's right for you. Gather your proof, get yourself mentally and financially ready, and drop a bomb on him and leave him. Staying with a cheater just isn't healthy.
    A big thing you'll have to cope with is that It's going to hurt a lot but the best thing is to get away ASAP... i know it's emotional but there is so much more in life for you to experience than depression.... trying to salavge this will only delay happiness

    Trust me... parents, family, friends, have all been through it... %26amp; i've been the rag doll in this depressing life

    just make sure you have a way to live on your own financially for a while before you end it... when you have enough proof for court, hide it and make copies

    then comfront him

    You don't have to have a special way of telling him you want to end it... he ruined your life so he deserves everything he loses

    ';i know your cheating ____'; *show him some proof* etcetc... it's over
    if you know who he cheated with i would confront that person..chances are theyl get really nervous and itl come out or trick them into telling you...say your husband told you .....i know this is really hard but if a man cheats on yo uand you know hes done it and he denies it..then clearly hes a liar and theres no trust which shows the marriage is doomed..he cheated for a reason and you will need to accept it that your marriage may be over and it may be for the best...hope this helped but i would defo punch the woman lol x
    Why would you not want to end this marriage? Do you like knowing that he is with another women? Don't you deserve a better husband?

    And believe me he will continue to cheat.

    So just come out with the proof and tell him, and then file for divorce.

    Half of everything goes to you, There is no fault divorce.
    I agree if you know he is without a doubt.. You don't need proof. I would confront him and if he denies it (if you know 199% for sure he is) then you know the marriage is over. If he admits it and wants to work things out with you.. then it is possible to make it. I dont know how long you have been married but the whole 'once a cheater always a cheater thing' I don't think that's true one bit. Everyone makes mistakes and can change. But I do agree the most difficult part of the situation will be whether you can get over it or not. He can always stop cheating but you have to be able to live with the fact that he did.. and not bring up in every argument for the rest of your lives. You have to be completely prepared to get over this and move on.

    If so then it is possible. I know first hand. My husband now cheated on me (before we got married) and I wasn't an angel myself. But him and I talked about it.. got married and have the happiest couple ever since. It never even crosses my mind that he'd cheat. I fully 100% trust him.

    I guess its up to the both of you as to whether it can work.. Its hard to get over but not impossible.. as it will be hard for him to get away with cheating and not do it again.. but like I said NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

    Good luck :)
    You say you know who it is. But without proof you really have nothing but suspicions. Many wives are jealous and insecure and believe their husbands are cheating. Are you sure the problem isn't YOU? The fact that you haven't talked to him about it says two things. You really AREN'T sure if he is or you have accused him so many times before that he has threatened to leave you if you continue to do so. SOUND FAMILIAR?
    You don't. Take actions...If you have children ask him to leave the house. If you have to, change the lock while he's at work and put his suitcases on the front steps. Why get into an augment? he will always deny it and you don't need to wait to hear it from his'll never hear it. Call a lawyer today and inquire on how to proceed. Take him to the cleaner.

    I'd say if you know then why do you need proof for him. You know know her. So you need nothing.

    I'd say start an exit plan. You are not sure if you want to stay or go. But you should be prepared for either.

    Sounds like get a lawyer and a guy on the side for you.

    OK. Let's get this straight. You can't go on like this but you know your husband is cheating? So what do you want us to tell you?

    Just tell him it's ok. Cuz you know that's what your gonna do or you wouldn't be asking this pathetic question!
    you leave, if he wants to continue Your relation ship, then he'll get rid of the other woman.and come to u. don't get stuck in a relationship where u r the only 1 trying. or if there or kids involved kick him out.
    Get proof and then confront. He will deny it. Mine did. If he doesn't accept responsibility, blames you, or gets mad, you have to end the marriage, in my opinion.
    well I would most definitely confront him ..I believe once a cheater always a cheater..but that is just me
    just tell him straight up. don't tell him all the facts you have but just say some of them and hire a private investigator it he still denies it.
    If you don't end the marriage he will cheat again. Stay if you want to be miserable
    Leave him. You deserve much better. No one should have to be miserable like that.

    How come men never get looked down at when they get caught cheating?

    How come whenever a man is caught cheating he isn't the one who takes all the blame? Why is it that the other woman takes all the responsibility for the relationship when the man was just as bad if not worse seeing how he let something like that go on? Just curious after seeing all these stars get caught cheating and then everyone blames the other women completely but just slaps the men on the hand and says ';they have an addiction'; or that ';boys will be boys'; bull crap? I'm not saying the other woman isn't to blame but seeing how the man is putting his family and everything on the line shouldn't he get equally blamed too???How come men never get looked down at when they get caught cheating?
    i do not see the men getting away with anything look at the hell the golfer went Thur and is going through .but when i guy gets lucky he is a stud but the girl put out and is looked down at .that is the why it is.and ya i am glad i am a guy.How come men never get looked down at when they get caught cheating?
    I think they are both equally to blame and they deserve eachother, except in the case where the woman is innocent and has no clue because she has been lied to. But I think men are looked down upon esp. since many woman sacrifice career and their lives to raise his children and when a woman seduces a married man (which does happen) and she knows his married and with kids, she's just a ______, just like him. Hence they deserve eachother. And it's bad because the STD rate is 1 in 4 has an STD.
    The man is primarily to blame, and so is his partner. When a partner cheats there is a marriage problem not a husband or wife who cheats problem but a joint marriage problem. The affair is only a symptom a much deeper issue in the relationship. I have counseled too many couples to believe in innocent spouses - there are virtually none. The cheater and their partner both played a role in the affair. Frankly I could care less about the other woman or the other man in some cases - they are only a symptom and if it wasn't them it would be someone else.

    two examples:

    A guy works 12-16 hours a day earning a good living while his wife is home with two kids and hardly has any adult time with her husband. Is he innocent when she falls for a neighbor who does have to time to make her feel special? or did he fail in his obligation to her too?

    Another couple married for many years. She decides the marriage was a mistake and cuts off any intimacy. After 5 years of living separately in the same home, he has an affair with one of his graduate students. She finds out and files divorce claiming adultery. Is she innocent? Or was she the first to violate the wedding vows?

    Here is a rare innocent spouse story: Man marries a woman who had used drugs in past but had been clean for 2 years. They marry have a son and after 4 years she annouces that while she likes her marriage - a sober life cannot compete with the drug life she knew and loved and she has decided to return to the streets of the city. She leaves the child with him and walks out of their lives to be addict in DC.
    I'll give you a second name. Jesse James. I have heard nobody say anything bad about his mistresses (h#ll, they media even showed the one sympathy that got played)

    Pretty much everybody thinks Jesse James is a complete idiot, and I've haven't heard anybody pulling punches on that.
    People can and do get angry at their boyfriends for cheating on them and a lot of them leave them. And this is harsh for a lot of people to find out, but if you don't get mad at your boyfriend for cheating, he'll lose respect for you.
    Because a cheating woman is 1,000 times worse. If a man cheats, he cannot tell the wife that she is mother of his child. Therefore, his cheating does little or no harm. However, when a woman cheats, she can and will tell the husband that he is the father. Therefore, her cheating is horrible and is a huge injustice.
    you can thank our society. Women still make only 70 cents for every dollar a man makes in the same field with the same experience. I know-its hypocritical but currently thats the way it is.
    What planet have you been living on for the last 6 months? Have you seen the beating that Tiger has taken in the media, financially, ...?
    Tiger Woods is a prime example of why WOMEN want attention and try to become famous off the backs of stars by dropping the bombs, and not always telling the complete truth.

    Nobody really knows what goes on in someone's marriage. They can look perfectly fine on the outside, but when you get them behind closed doors, it's a different story all together.

    Just because his wife is hot, doesn't mean that she isn't a *****. It doesn't mean she wasn't lacking in support for her husband through things, etc...I don't know the inner workings of Tiger's marriage nor anyone else's but mine and neither do any of us. We get one sided stories from our friends that are usually told in a way to slant blame on the other spouse when in fact we in the lease should take some responsibility for their infidelity.

    If people minded their own business, tended to their own marriages, paid attention to their spouses verbal and non-verbal communication...there would be a lot less infidelity to begin with.
    1 name; Tiger Woods. You're an idiot if you think no one has talked badly about the incident(s).
    In a relationship where at least one of the persons is ';cheating';, it's a shared responsibility and I haven't seen it otherwise. If a single woman goes out with a married man, they are both at fault. If a single man goes out with a married woman, ditto.
    Somehow society thinks a women should have more values and morals, I have no idea why this is the case. You would expect a man to behave with just as much integrity.
    sleeping around (when you're a man) is cool. it makes you a pimp and a rebel, they're ';bad boys'; and women go for that. women like the riskiness of being a mistress. but they're looked at as whores. what kind of a woman would sleep with a married man?! how dare she! (i guess society expects women to have more decency and more morals than men) but men do it so much that people just assume thats how they are, and its normal for them to do.
    The women who cheated with Tiger were just as much to blame as him, if not worse, knowing that he is a married man. These women who cheated with Tiger have no pride or self esteem - they obviously have no self worth and Tiger was obviously NOT choosy who he had sex with. Very Sad!

    Tigers wife is definitely a victim of a man with absolutely no self control or shame.